Guardian: The ultimate solution

Adaptive Guardian Technology "is the technology patented by Earthfront srl. The innovative machinery" Adaptive Guardian Technology "represents the frontier in the recovery and treatment of microplastics and macroplastics, floating and suspended transported by watercourses. The adaptability of the technology is shown by the possibility of installing it on each type of river identifiable by size, water regime and type of bed.

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Macchinario innovativo “Adaptive Guardian Technology” visto dal lato

The assistance of experienced professionals in the design phase ensures efficiency and high performance of the machinery.The presence of the Guardian does not compromise the navigability of the waterway and the system of protection of fauna and flora guarantees the conservation of local biodiversity.

Each machine is equipped with HI TECH TECHNOLOGY - Acoustic bollard for birds which calibration is based on the pre-analysis performed by us on the local fauna - Infrared sensors that regulate the machine's operating cycle in order to ensure the lowest energy expenditure . - Data Catching software that allows you to have real-time data on the number of cycles performed, the plastic collection and streaming camera.

Guardian: The Product

Nastro trasportatore del macchinario innovativo “Adaptive Guardian Technology”

The Research and Development section guarantees a product with a strong «Visual Appeal». The fauna protection system is calibrated thanks to the studies and surveys carried out at the installation site. The possibility of adapting to the free surface of the water is guaranteed by a connection to the shore based on the water flow of the watercourse.

Macchinario innovativo “Adaptive Guardian Technology” visto da dietro

Guardian can be configured for the passage of boats in the event that the river is navigable, and equipped with protection and cushioning systems in the case of transit of massive objects. These and other considerations were studied during the development of the project to arrive at the creation of "Adaptive Guardian Technology".